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Keahole Solar Power's NELHA Solar Lab Keahole Solar Power developed Hawaii's first Concentrating Solar Power project at the Natural Energy Laboraties of Hawaii. The prototype project incorporated many unique and novel technologies including a solar thermal heat engine, thermal energy stroage and proprietary software and utility controls. The site is adjacent the world famous Gateway Center.

Congressman Abercrombie visits Keahole Solar Power's NELHA prototype “I believe that Hawaii can one day be energy independent. With that goal in mind, I am working to support alternative energy systems like Sopogy and KSP in the State of Hawaii. This is imperative to make our island more secure and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are beginning to wreak havoc on our weather systems and coral reefs” said Congressman Abercrombie August 30, 2007.


State of Hawaii committees on Agriculture, Economics Development & Business Concerns and Tourism and Culture visits Keahole Solar Power's NELHA Lab The joint committees are impressed by the outstanding vision of Sopogy and support it as it seeks to build the first solar farm in the state of Hawaii and the first renewbale energy project in 30 years at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii. Setember 5, 2007.


Keahole Solar Power - Sopogy TechnologyKeahole Solar Power's NELHA Lab uses Hawaii’s home grown proprietary MicroCSP solar concentrating solar panels invented and manufactured by Hawaii based Sopogy. These MicroCSP panels use reflectors and optics to harness and focus the energy from the sun to create clean, renewable power for the Big Island.

Early Stage Testing of Sopogy’s SopoNova panel began in Kona in 2002. The idea was to bring solar thermal air conditioning to the Big Island but it was later found that by combining similar electrical generators as used in geothermal energy, power could be created from the sun’s thermal energy.