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Keahole Solar Power a Clean Technology and Project Developer Keahole Solar Power is an independently owned and operated company whch was spin-out of solar collector technology company Sopogy in 2007. In bringing the Sopogy technology to the market, management realized that more than the solar collector was needed. The key was the solutions behind the technology that made the system work. This included energy storage, controls to connect the solar farm to the electrical grid and software to manage the system. Bringing the complete solution would be the answer to help Hawaii become truly Green. KSP's team focused on developing unique thermal energy storage for moving solar energy generated into the evening and figuring out how to build solar farms with Hawaii's contractors within Hawaii's unique permitting conditions.

KSP is focused on helping Hawaii achieve its Clean Energy Initiative by developing solar farms which reduce the use of fossil fuels and improve Hawaii's energy security. Our projects and technologies create jobs, reinvigorate lands left abandoned for decades from our former sugar cane industry and protect Hawaii's future for generations to come.

We focus on 2 primary activities. The first is developing technology solutions that enable solar farming in Hawaii. These solutions include energy storage, software and systems development which enable the operation of solar farms. We are also constantly inventing new and more efficient products to aid in making the solar farming system a center piece of Hawaii's new green industry.

The second is making solar farms a reality by providing the expertise to build and operate these facilities. This includes a variety of services in areas of including engineering, construction, and maintenance.

KSP Technologies

Solar Storage
KSP invented novel energy storage that provides solar power during cloudy periods and at night!
Solar Farm Software
KSP is developing state of the art software to monitor the solar farm operations.
KSP Services

KSP brings the talent and processes to make solar farming a reality. Our work covers all portions of the process from idea to consultant management, construction, utility operations and maintenance. Our goal is to have over 35 megawatts of solar farms operating on all major Hawaiian Islands by 2014.

Solar Farm Services
We develop technologies for operation to ensure high solar farm efficiency and reliabiity.
Process Management
We are a complete provider of solar farms from idea to operation.
KSP fighting Global Warming KSP is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their renewable energy goals. Using our solar energy systems we maximize energy production while minimizing costs. KSP's Mission
KSP's mission is to invent, develop, own and operate renewable energy solar farms. Our company is the solution to climate change, energy security and sustainability.