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Help us name our Kona Project

Aloha and Welcome to Keahole Solar Power Keahole Solar Power (KSP) is a Hawaii based Solar Project and Technology Developer. Using different solar technologies including MicroCSP from Hawaii company "Sopogy", KSP is developing new proprietary methods for energy storage, installation, operation, and software/controls for solar farms helping Hawaii achieve a true renewable energy future. KSP's combined approach using sound technologies and solar farm solutions brings lower cost, longer production and higher efficiencies to our customers. Our first prototype at the Natural Energy Laboratories of Hawaii in Kona uses Sopogy's MicroCSP solar collectors, KSP's own thermal energy storage and utility scale controls and software.


Groundbreaking on the World's first MICROCSP solar farm!

July 9, 2008. After 4 years of research and development, testing and validation, KSP breaks ground on Phase 1 of the NELHA MicroCSP solar farm using Sopogy's solar collectors and thermal storage technologies developed by KSP. VIPs included Governor Ariyoshi, Legislative Representative Karamatsu, Representatives from the County of Hawaii, the Natural Energy Laboratories, KSP and Sopogy, Inc. The event's energy was completely renewable and greenhouse gases were offset by green tags.


Keahole Solar Power, LLC.



Our Green Goal: 30 Megawatts by 2015Hawaii requires real energy solutions to achieve energy independence and break its bonds to imported fossil fuels. With small island loads and unique electrical energy grids every island has different and unique set of challenges. KSP’s proprietary solar farming solutions bring reliable green energy to the utility grid while providing power when the island residents need the power. We are working to bring our solutions to every major Island. Starting with our NELHA project in Kona we are seeking to capture the knowledge and plant solar seeds on Kauai, Oahu and Maui. These seeds will grow into solar farms and move Hawaii into a green future.

KSP's NELHA Pilot ProjectKSP developed a first of its kind Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) renewable energy farm located at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA) on the Big Island. KSP is SopoPowered by using Sopogy's MicroCSP concentrating solar panels. KSP developed a unique thermal storage system which allows for the buffering of normally intermittent solar energy from clouds. This generates firm, fixed power which has been deemed as the holy grail for renewable energy and brings a truly unique approach to solar.

Sopogy's MicroCSP panels use reflectors and optics to harness and focus the energy from the sun to create clean, renewable power for the Big Island. Sopogy is a Hawaii company that began in Kona and is bringing its Hawaiian technology to the global marketplace.

KSP is a Hawaii company providing research and development for the enhancement of solar energy systems. KSP is seeking to develop technologies and products that make solar technologies bridge the gap between product and the utility grid. Areas of focus include energy storage, controls, software, best practices for installation and maintenance. Combined these solutions lead to lower cost of installation, lower cost of operation and brings unique value to KSP's customers.

A Hawaiian Blessing for KSP

E ko makou makua iloko o ka lani, e hoa no ia Kou inoa.
E hiki mai hou au puni
E malama ia kou makemake ma ka honua nei.
E like me ia, i malama ia, ma kalani la,
E ha'awi mae ia makou i keia la.
E kala mai ho'i ai makou I ka makou lawehala ana,
Me makou e kala nei I ka poe i lawehala i ka makou.
Mai ho'oku'u oe ia makou I ka ho'owalewale ia mai.
E ho'opakele no na' e ia makou I ko kino
No ka mea, nou ke aupuni, a me kamana, a me ka hoonani ia, a mau oa aku, Amene.

Clean energy from the sun today to power Kona's future

With unparalleled natural energy resources including abundant sun, wind, geothermal, and ocean thermal energy the Big Island is best positioned to become a world leader in renewable and sustainable energy.